Ministry of Natural Resources, Petroleum & Mining

Hon. Cordel Hyde

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Natural Resources, Petroleum & Mining


Ministry Responsibilities
  • Natural Resources
  • Geology & Petroleum
  • Mining
  • Solid Waste Management Authority

Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Lesbia Cocom nee Guerra
CEO's E-mail:
Minister's E-mail:
H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard
City of Belmopan
Cayo District, Belize, C.A.
Tel: +(501)-828-5028/ 5177 / 5178
Fax: +(501)-822-2083


Natural Resources

Land and Surveys Department
Ag. Commissioner of Lands and Surveys – Mr. Talbert Brackett
Tel: +(501)-828-5080/ 5051

National Estate Section
Deputy Commissioner - Mr. Ivan Leiva
Tel: +(501)-828-5081/ 5083

Surveys and Mapping Section
Principal Surveyor- Mr. Jose Chulin
Tel: +(501)-828-5067/ 5068

Land Information Centre
Principal Land Information Officer - Mr. Francis Arzu
Tel: +(501)-828-5058/ 5060

Physical Planning Section
Principal Planner - Ms. Shirley Humes
Tel: +(501)-828-5062

Valuation Section
Chief Valuer - Mr. Herman Castillo
Tel: +(501)-828-5054

Land Registry Department
Registrar of Lands - Patricia Blackett
Land Registry
Tel: +(501)-828-5054
Land Titles Unit
Tel: +(501)-828-5054

National Hydrological Services
Hydrology Principal Hydrologist - Tennielle Williams-Hendy
Tel: +(501)-828-5044

Geology and Petroleum

Director - Mr. Andre Cho
Tel: +(501)-802-2178/ 2651
Fax: +(501)-802-3538


Inspector of Mines - Ms. Michelle Alvarez
Tel: +(501)-828-7911/ 6867

Solid Waste Management Authority

Director - Lumen Cayetano
Tel: +(501)-828-4864
Fax: +(501)-802-1527

Lands and Surveys District Offices

Tel: +(501)-402-2126

Orange Walk
Tel: +(501)-302-2313

Belize City
Tel: +(501)-207-0313

San Ignacio
Tel: +(501)-804-2021

Tel: +(501)-502-2221

Punta Gorda
Tel: +(501)-702-2041

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