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Industries and Investment


The main industries are sugar, citrus, fisheries and bananas. Sugar accounts for more than 33.4% of the country's foreign exchange earnings. Because of the uncertain future of these traditional exports, major efforts are being made towards agricultural diversification. Industrial development is encouraged through a number of incentives which include the awarding by government of tax holidays and import duty exemption on inputs of up to a maximum of 25 years to qualifying companies. 

Belize is home to a number of growing enterprises which include, but not limited to, the manufacture of metal doors and windows, furniture, concrete blocks, bricks, clothing, boat building, soft drink bottling, brewing, cigarette manufacture, tyre recapping, the production of flour and animal feed, wire and paper products, an agricultural fertilizer plant, matches, plywood and other wood products, a meat packing plant, food processing operations and the manufacture of rolled steel bars for the construction industry and a host of other manufacturing activities.


Several incentive schemes have been instituted to encourage and promote investment. The investment schemes are contained in the following legislations:

1. Fiscal Incentives Act No. 6 of 1990
2. Mines and Minerals Act 1988
3. Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Act 1990
4. Commercial Free Zone (CFZ) Act 1994
5. International Business & Public Investment (IBC) Act 1990