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Travel in Belize


All travelers entering the country must have a valid passport (valid for up to six months after visit) and a proof of return to their country. No visas are required for citizens of the United States, United Kingdom and the majority of Caribbean Islands. Visitors from other countries must check for information about obtaining a visa. Belize allows visitors a maximum of one-month stay in the country before they require an extension.


Departure taxes that were once collected at the Philip Goldson International Airport are now included in the cost of the airline tickets. Please confirm with your airline that the fee is included at the time you purchase the ticket.

Departing the country through land borders requires payment of the land border exit fee of US$18.75 per person.

A portion of the departure tax goes toward the protection and preservation of the environment. Due to the country's effort to effectively manage their abundant protected areas, visitors are asked to pay a conservation exit fee at any of the exit or entry points. The proceeds from this fee goes to the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), which is then distributed and used to sustain the protected areas in Belize.

There is a standard 9% hotel tax that is added to your hotel bill (7% until April 1, 2005). In some of the more exclusive resorts and hotels, a service charge of about 10% is charged to your hotel bills (restaurant, bar and room), while in other locations, tipping is optional. A 9% sales tax is also attached to most goods and services in the country.


Belize considers public health a high priority. Most visitors leave the country as healthy and probably happier than they arrived. Belize has public hospitals in every major town and a host of private doctors countrywide. Though not endemic to Belize, visitors who are coming from well-known ‘high-risk' areas (parts of South America and Africa) are required to get the Yellow Fever vaccination before entering the country. Visitors may at their discretion take precaution by receiving medication before leaving for their trip.

A small case of diarrhea is probably the worst-case scenario, and is not particularly exclusive to Belize. Most visitors are prone to diarrhea when exposed to a completely different environment than they are used to, with different types of food, drinks, ingredients and bacteria. Most tap water in major towns and villages are safe to drink and there is bottled water available countrywide, if visitors desire. To be on the safe side, you may want to get advice from your doctor or local health clinic before embarking on your journey to Belize.

For most visitors the temperature in Belize will be much warmer than they are accustomed to. The risk of suffering from dehydration and heat strokes are likely if visitors are not careful. Drinking lots of water and wearing the proper attire like light cool clothing, a hat/cap and sunscreen is highly recommended until the body adjusts to the temperatures

Educational Institutions

Ministry of Education: http://www.moes.gov.bz

  Cayo District
Mount Carmel High School:             http://www.mchsbenque.org/ 
Sacred Heart College: http://hs.shc.edu.bz/
University of Belize:  http://www.ub.edu.bz
Baptist High School: http://www.bbhs.edu.bz/ 
Belmopan Comprehensive:  http://www.bcs.edu.bz 
Galen University:  http://www.galen.edu.bz 
Belize Christian Academy:  www.belizechristianacademy.com 
  Belize City:
Pallotti High School:  http://www.pallotti.edu.bz
Wesley  Junior College:  http://www.wjcbz.com/ 
St. John’s College:  http://www.sjc.edu.bz 
St. Catherines Academy:  http://www.sca.edu.bz 
St. John’s College:  http://www.sjc.edu.bz 
 Corozal Town: 
Corozal Schools:  http://www.corozal.com/schools
Presbyterian Schools in Belize:  http://www.presbyterianschoolsbelize.com 
Muffles Junior College (Orange Walk):  http://www.mjc.edu.bz 
 Stann Creek: 
Stann Creek Ecumenical High School:  http://www.scecumenicalhighschool.edu.bz/ 
Schools in Stann Creek:  http://www.dreamscapesofbelize.com/user/Schools.pdf 
 Schools in Ambergris Caye: 
Holy Cross Anglican School:                       http://www.holycrossbelize.org/
St. Peter's Elementary and St. Peter's College:  http://ambergriscaye.com/stpeters/index.html 
La Isla Bonita Elementary School:  http://ambergriscaye.com/labonita/index.html 
The Island Academy:  http://ambergriscaye.com/academy/index.html 
San Pedro High School:  http://ambergriscaye.com/highschool/index.html 
San Pedro R.C. School:  http://ambergriscaye.com/school/index.html 
Anglican Schools:  http://www.belizeanglican.org

Social Service Organizations

Organization Address  District  Tel +(501)
A Hand To The Needy  Airport Rd

AMA Mission

Esperanza Village
San Ignacio

Cayo  824-3055 
Alliance Against Aids  5766 Meighan Ave  Belize City  223-6493 
Belize Audubon Society  12 Fort St Belize City  223-4987 
Belize Cancer Centre 11 Pine St 

Dangriga Town
Stann Creek

Belize Cancer Society Mercy Lane Belize City  223-0922
Belize Faith Mission Inc Ontario Village 

Belmopan City 

Belize Faith Mission Ontario Village  Belmopan City 822-1070 
Belize Family Life Education Centre Main St  Punta Gorda Toledo  702-2289 
Belize Rural Development Program  Agriculture Show Ground 

Belmopan City

Catholic Diocesan Child Development Oleander St  Belize City  222-4439 
Cayo Deaf Institute  Central Farm 

San Ignacio, Cayo 

Council For Visually Impaired Joseph Andrews St 

San Ignacio, Cayo 

Council For Visually Impaired Princess Margaret Dr  Belize City  223-5400 

Council Voluntary Social Services 

25 Southern Foreshore  Belize City  227-3712 
CVSS Guidance & Placement Center  25 Southern Foreshore Belize City  227-4312 
Earth Watch Institute  Joe Taylor Creek 

Punta Gorda, Toledo 

Empathy For The Deaf  11 Central Farm 

San Ignacio, Cayo 

Friends For Conservation & Development  San Jose Village

Benque Viejo, Cayo 

Global Outreach  Belmopan  Belmopan City  822-3520 
Hand in Hand Minister  144 North Front St  Belize City  227-1298 
Help For Progress Ltd  Forest Drive  Belmopan City 822-0101 
Helpage Belize  Wilson St  Belize City  224-5282 
Liberty Children’s Home 

Stork St
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Belize District

Mainstream Adapt Climate Project 

East Ring Rd

Belize City 

Marla’s House Of  Hope  Mountain View Blvd  Belmopan City 822-3982 
Mary Open Doors  Bullet Tree Road 

San Ignacio, Cayo 

Mercy Clinic  1955 Coral Grove Dr  Belize City  223-0344
Mercy Kitchen  1055 Coral Grove Dr  Belize City 224-4052 
Nature Conservancy Constitution Dr  Belmopan City 822-0274 
Octavia Waight Centre  San Ignacio Town 

San Ignacio, Cayo 

Peace Corps 13 Citron St  Belmopan City  822-0260 
Peace Corps  6130 Iguana Ave  Belmopan City  802-0149 
Philip Hall Therapy Centre  38 Wilson St  Belize City  223-0188 
Punta Gorda Red Cross  Main St  Punta Gorda, Toledo 722-2150 
River Of Life crisis Centre  Banana Bank  Belmopan City  822-3472 
Sarstoon Temash Institute For Indigenous Management  Pampana St 

Punta Gorda, Toledo 

Social Security Board Bliss Parade  Belmopan City  822-2163 
Socio Economic Outreach  Alejandro St 

Punta Gorda, Toledo 

Sustainable Harvest  Int’l west St 

Punta Gorda, Toledo 

TCGA  Main St 

Punta Gorda, Toledo 

Toledo Maya Women Council Jose Maria Nunez  St  Punta Gorda, Toledo  722-0043
Women’s Issues Network Belize  28 Dean St  Belize City  227-1069 
Ya’axche Conservation Trust  2 Prince St  Punta Gorda, Toledo 722-0108 
Youth Enhancement Service Program Princess Margaret Dr  Belize City  203-0970 

Sugar Cane Replanting Programme